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Feb 11, 2019

Poland introduces financial incentives in audiovisual industry

On 11 February 2019, the Act on Financial Support for Audiovisual Production entered into force. It introduced financial incentives aimed at boosting the Polish audiovisual industry. Although the programme is not directed only to foreign investors, its explicit goals are, among others, to create an attractive environment for investing foreign capital in audiovisual productions in Poland and to facilitate cooperation between national and foreign producers. Under the new law, producers are entitled to a reimbursement of production costs incurred in Poland in the amount of 30% of Polish eligible expenditures. A qualification test applies to all applications, which takes into account the following criteria: use in the audiovisual work of Polish or European cultural heritage; location of the audiovisual work on the territory of Poland; realization of an audiovisual work on the territory of Poland; participation in the audiovisual production of Polish artists, crews and service providers; and use of Polish film infrastructure.

Type: Promotion and facilitation (Investment incentives)

Industry: Services (Arts, entertainment and recreation)